Pay Per Click Services(PPC) 

PPC stands for pay per click. PPC is a type of paid advertisement where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This is a part of paid advertising that is done on the digital platform. If you do not get organic reach or you want quick results you can go for PPC. (1).gif


There are many types of advertisements that are running on the online platform. You must have come across many ads while using the social media platform or surfing the internet. These are paid promotions done by the business owners or some kind of advertising agency. There are various kinds of ads that you can run over the internet. Some of them are display advertising, search engine advertising, social media advertising, native ads, retargeting and marketing ads, and many more. The is one such type known as PPC. This is a type of ad in which the advertiser pays when there is a click on that ad. These ads can be placed on various platforms over the internet. 

There are many ways you can get PPC ads started like Google, Bing, Social media, etc.

There is a process to place these ads. This depends on the platform that you chose to place the ad. You have to bid an amount for the click that you will be paying. Whenever a user is clicking on your ad the amount that you placed on the bid gets deducted from your account. This is the basic way PPC works. This is a good way in which you are paying only when there are clicks on your ads.


PPC on Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising is one of the best forms of PPC. Here you need to place a bid for the keyword that you want to target. There may be competitors who must also be bidding on the keywords that you bid for. Based on that, if you win the bid your ad is displayed. But you only pay when the user clicks on your ad to go to your page or website that you had linked to. Google ads being one of the famous ones these days

PPC Services to Drive Real-Time Results

A lot goes into placing an ad. We have to strategize many things before placing an ad.

  • First comes the keyword research: We need to look for the relevant keywords associated with our website. These are the queries that the user will be looking for. Based on the search of the user there are ads that appear on the SERPs. This is important because based on this we get to our targeted audience

  • Then we have to have a great landing page. This is the page where the ad redirects the visitor to. The website design should be up to the mark. You need a good and appropriate landing page so that you get the conversions for which you are running the ad.

  • Then comes choosing the bidding price. We want the bidding price to be at the perfect amount. It should not be too high so that we end up spending a large amount nor too low to not even win a bid.

  • There are many things that need to be taken care of while running a PPC ad campaign to reach the goal that we had set.

PPC for a Website

We provide you good quality PPC ad campaigns. Our ad managers hold good experience in running PPC ads. We perform proper keyword research. We take care of a number of aspects while placing an ad. You will be getting great results and are bound to increase your business.

We give you the proper audit of the ads that we have performed. You all be able to check all the details. There are a few terms associated with this.

  • CPC: Stands for cost per click, which is the amount that you paid for a click made on your ad.

  • CTR: CTR stands for click-through rate. This is the ratio between the number of clicks to the number of impressions made

  • CPV: Cost Per View is the average cost for a view on a video ad.

  • Ad extensions: Ad extensions are additional information added to your ad such as price, extra links, ratings, etc. you can get them added to your ads but the charge for the click remains the same.

  • CPI: Cost Per Impression is the average cost per ad shown on the search page.

There are a number of terms related to the PPC ads. This is a whole new concept of advertising which has a better targeting scope than the ads on the television, newspapers, and all other sources on which advertisements have been being done.