Social media is that platform where the whole world is connected digitally. This is a place where every user has a presence despite their profession, region, knowledge interest, etc. This is the digital leisure place for every individual all over the world. A place where people can connect to each other, share memories via pictures, videos, or written content. There are many platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder, Snapchat, and many more.

Social Media Marketing

On the latest data, there are around 4.3 billion social media users as of 2021. This accounts for more than 50% of the global population. Almost 95% of internet users are involved in some sort of social media activity. Millions of engaging content are being posted every day and the numbers keep on increasing day by day.


Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing can take your business to a different level. This helps businesses stay connected to the customers. It allows having an interactive association with people all around the world.

This helps in improving the standard of products and services. Social media will also act as an open place where people can submit their reviews publically. This always turns out as a positive for 98%of the businesses.

Social Media use Worldwide

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Annual growth in the number of social media users

Facebook is the leader in the number of users followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and the rest. As of April 2021, Facebook has 2.79 billion active users. Out of that 1.73 billion users are active every day.

YouTube has 2.29 billion active users. With this large audience, YouTube is making millions just by running ads on the website. This also gives a good return to the companies and they reach the active users in the market.

Jeff Bezos also has a huge amount going on online marketing. Amazon spent $22 billion dollars(USD) in the fiscal year 2020. No doubt the reach is so much. People are made to learn that if they want to buy anything online Amazon is the place to go.


Importance of Social Media Marketing

With so many users on social media, there is no doubt where you need to advertise. You can promote and get good conversions from social media. Whatever business you have, your customers are there on social media. Using social media, you can also reach out to the filtered audience. You can directly target the audience under your niche. We use advanced filters that help us do that. We can customize our reach based on region, interest, age, and many other factors. Doing this will help you get quality customers to your sales funnel.


Through social media, it is easy to advertise offers and sales that you have to provide. Regular posting and advertising keep customers aware of your existence in the market. You can get people to subscribe to your notifications. Through social media, you can build a customer base that can be targeted in times to come. Then you can send promotions and offers to lure customers to buy your product or service.


Our Services: Social Media Marketing

Webgraph Designer Digital Marketing provides one of the best Social Media Marketing (SMM) in the USA. Through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other platforms we will give good exposure to your business. Our marketing experts analyze your requirements and plan accordingly. We take care of your goals and target audience. The ads are placed targeting the specific region where you want the ads to be dropped. You will be able to see the analytics and reports of your ads through your account.


We work on the complete handling of social media pages too. Posting at regular intervals so that we are updated and reach our audience regularly. The content creators create engaging posts that attract the audience. There is a posting strategy depending on the time and type of post to be published.

There are many ways you can use social media platforms for advertising. It also depends on what is your current motive.

  • Whether you want to sell a product, gain followers or subscribers, advertising, awareness, etc. Based on these factors the ad campaigns are created.

  • On your need, we also decide what kind of ads need to run and on which platform.

  • Deciding on what kind of ads are to be placed, like video or display ads.